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When following a blogger or any influencer, you read about a ton of different products, destinations, reviews, and content. It’s hard to tell which things are their favorites because they write about so many different things. I wanted to create a space that I could curate with all of my favorite things whether it’s my ride-or-die products, electronics, food, makeup… pretty much anything that makes my heart sing. Everything listed here is an up-to-date list of my favorite things of all time with a convenient Amazon link. They are affiliate links, but that doesn’t affect my personal views on these products. If you plan to give any of these products a shot, please use my links to support me and my blog. The price of the products remains the same either way. Thanks again for your love and support.


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Bose Soundport Wireless Headphones

I absolutely love these headphones. They provide a high-quality audio while giving you a near-cordless experience. I know that completely wireless earbuds are now emerging and gaining popularity, but I prefer a wire that connects the two buds so that I can hang them from my neck when I need to remove them from my ears. I wear these running on a daily basis and they work wonderfully. The battery lasts for up to 6 hours on a single charge and that is plenty. I only charge them on average once a week.

Apple Ipad Pro 2 & Apple Pencil

I received both of these as a gift from my best friend (Thanks Paul!) and they have changed my life in regards to my creativity and graphic design. I have been dying to get my hands on a stylus that has the precision of a pencil and in my opinion the Apple Pencil comes pretty close. I use both of these items close to every single day. Most of the graphics you see on my website were created using these wonderful tools. These items will always have a special place in my heart and on my favorites list.

Hello Kitty Carry-On

Every time I travel, I bring this little carry on with me. I absolutely LOVE everything Hello Kitty. Even though I’m in my 30’s, I really don’t care if people judge me for my obsession with Sanrio. Who says you have to be a child to enjoy Hello Kitty? No one. I have been a loyal Hello Kitty fan since I was a kid and do not plan to stop. Never. This cute piece of luggage is very handy for all my carry-on goodies. I like to pack all the things I care most about in this bag, such as: my makeup palettes that I don’t want to break, charging cables, camera accessories, planner, headphones, snacks, and whatever else I feel like I can’t live without on the plane. Everyone always compliments me on my cute bag too! 

Kate Spade Planner

I am a sucker for a cute planner. I especially love this one because it zips up and is a beautiful blush color. It’s a fun way to keep tabs on your calendar, to-do lists, contacts, and even birthdays. I am someone that likes to keep it old-school when it comes to calendars, which is why I use the old faithful pen and paper. Plus, I like to be able to see a year at a glance and decorate my pages of plans with doodles and stickers. This planner keeps me organized and helps me be a person that plans ahead by keeping it fun. I naturally am terrible at planning, so having a cute planner incentivizes me to make an effort to be better in this area of my life.

Anker Portable Charger

Whenever I travel, I ALWAYS have this portable charger with me. It has two USB ports, which means that I can share the charger with my husband or plug in two devices at a time. Anker has a good reputation, so you can count on this battery to not fry your precious electronic devices. They hold their charge well and it has enough juice to charge your phone multiple times. These batteries are robust enough to withstand many recharges, therefore it was built to last. One of my favorite characteristics of this charger is that it has PowerIQ Technology, which means that it stops charging your device once your it is fully charged and it knows the correct power output for phones versus tablets. This really preserves the battery of your devices. It can charge most phones up to 6 times, which is awesome to have while traveling so you aren’t one of the amateurs that are tethered to a power outlet at the airport.

Apple Watch

I wear my Apple watch everyday! It helps me keeps tabs of my health, alerts me of texts and phone calls, lets me reply to texts quickly via Siri, and gives me notifications from a variety of apps, such as my calendar. One of my favorite features is that there is a decent amount of memory on the watch where you can upload a playlist of your favorite songs. This is great because you can link your watch to your favorite pair of bluetooth headphones and play music directly from your watch! This is game-changer for working out because you no longer need to have your phone with you at the gym. You don’t have to run while having your phone tethered to you in some fashion to enjoy some awesome tunes. It’s also waterproof up to 50 meters (series 2&3), which means you can wear it while swimming or showering too! There are also cool apps that you can take advantage of as well. I love new and cutting edge technology, so this one is a no-brainer.

Dior Forever Perfect Foundation

This is my ride-or-die foundation. I absolutely love it and will repurchase it over and over again. It’s buildable and is a natural finish foundation. It doesn’t cling to my dry spots and leaves me looking flawless. It gives my face such a healthy glow without the appearance of shine. It also has sunscreen in the formulations, which I love because it eliminates a step in my glam process. It applies beautifully with either a beauty blender sponge or even a makeup brush. Whenever I wear it people comment on my complexion, but honestly it’s mostly due to this treasure.

Becca First Light Foundation Primer

This primer is great because it is really moisturizing but still does a great job of keeping my foundation in place. My foundation lasts all day and doesn’t become oily or creased and honestly it’s mostly due to this primer. I love that it doesn’t break out my sensitive skin and smells like Pez (the candy). I do have other primers in my makeup collection, but this is the one that I always reach for.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub

I’m convinced this is the best exfoliating scrub in the world. I have tried tons of exfoliators and never felt that it did much in regards to getting the dry patches off of my face. This one does. My skin feels so amazingly smooth after I wash my face with this. At first, I was a little deterred by the price. I mean, seriously, $50+ sounds a bit ridiculous. BUT it is worth every single penny. Let me emphasize… EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Other facial scrubs claim to exfoliate, but honestly you don’t feel much different after using them. When you use this one, even just once, you wouldn’t be able to deny the results. This exfoliator gets the job done… Every single time! (It comes in two different colored packaging… black and teal…)

Nespresso DeLonghi Lattissima Plus

This espresso machines makes me feel like I made it in the world. I provides you with lattes with frothed milk at the touch of a button. This is what dreams are made of. I feel like I receive a piece of heaven every morning when I make myself a comforting warm latte. Nespresso offers a wide range of espresso flavors and intensities and there are other 3rd party producers of espresso capsules that are also compatible with Nespresso systems. I personally like that Nespresso offers a recycling program. It helps assuage my environmental guilt from using 1-use capsules. Nespresso provides you with a shipping label to ship back all of your used capsules so that they can recycle them. This machine has saved me so much money by eliminating my need to go to Starbucks every morning. It has also helped me maintain my weight and keep my health on track because it helps me make healthier choices by not using the fancy syrups and sauces that Starbucks offers. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add them in yourself for a nice treat, but I forgo these options in efforts to stay trim.