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Introducing Hannah Coley

Hello! My name is Hannah Coley and I am excited to debut my blog! I wanted to introduce myself and provide a little information about who I am, a few facts about myself, and why I decided to start this project.

I am a fun-loving girl originally from Colorado. I’m married to a wonderful man named Christopher Coley and we have a fur baby named Aspen (our dog). We currently live in Mountain View, California, which is located in the San Francisco Bay area. My husband is an engineer in the military, therefore we move quite often. Moving from place to place isn’t always easy, but it does make us more adaptable and adventurous people. We love finding new and exciting places and enjoying the outdoors.

My Blog’s Debut

I have worked really hard to get this whole website up-and-running and I am super excited that I finally get to create my first post. Hopefully, someday I’ll look back a this very post and become nostalgic of this sweet beginning. Maybe I’ll even laugh and make fun of my inexperience.

I started this blog to share my interests in beauty, travel, design, blogging, photography, and art. I wanted to be able to curate a place where I can express my love for topics that I am passionate about. It will provide a way for me to connect with people from all over the world that have similar interests and for me to be able to share a piece of myself.

Honestly, the idea of starting this blog seemed exciting and fun. However there was a small part of me that was and still is a little scared. It’s intimidating to make yourself so public and vulnerable to harsh criticisms from people that you don’t even know. People can be so mean on the internet. They can hide behind their anonymity and throw their manners out the window. They forget that there is a person with real feelings behind the words they criticize. I decided to try to overlook/overcome these fears and start this blog anyway. Please be kind.

Looking to the Future with Hope

I hope that my blog represents me well and helps my readers gain an intimate understanding of who I am, what my interests are, what my lifestyle is about, and what my priorities are.  I look forward to growing along-side my readers and that this blog takes us down a path of adventure and satisfaction together.

Thank you for taking a glimpse into my world and for supporting me as I learn to be better at all of this. Thank you for any kind words or suggestions that you may have. Please grab a warm cup of coffee or tea, curl up under a comfy blanket, and stay a while to check out my .

What topics are you most interested in? Do you have any questions for me? Comment below!



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