Huda Beauty Lipsticks

Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks

Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks

I love these liquid lipsticks. They come in 27 matte finish shades and 13 “Strobe” finish shades. I have not tried these strobe shades, but they look beautiful on Huda’s website. Hopefully they will be featured in one of my future blog posts. You receive 50 grams of product in each of these lipsticks, which isn’t a bad amount of product for the price.

I have purchased the vast majority of all of the matte shades. Since this proves that I’m crazy obsessed person when it comes to makeup, I decided that I would put my purchases to work and tell  people about the products I try. Here are all my opinions of Huda Beauty Liquid lipsticks and the reasons why I decided to buy almost every shade they offer.

Their Formula Isn’t Drying on the LipsHuda Beauty Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks have amazing staying power, but at the cost of comfort. Most liquid lipsticks are super drying and are uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Some can leave your lips feeling drier than the Sahara Dessert. I can tell you that this lipstick formula is comfortable AND has amazing staying power. This is part of the reason why I fell in love with this formula and as a result decided to feature them on my blog.


This formula is nearly transfer-proof. If your Bae is anything like mine and they can’t keep their lips off of you, then this is an essential characteristic in your choice of lip product. I have a hard time wearing traditional lipstick formulations because they aren’t kiss-proof.

My husband is super affectionate and loves to plant kisses on my lips frequently. Traditional lipstick formulations create a risk of looking like the Joker in Batman. Liquid lipsticks prevent the constant mirror check-ups required after every time my husband decides it’s kissy-time. Therefore liquid lipsticks allow me to feel beautiful and glam without the need of constant touchups. No one has time for constant touchups! And it’s unrealistic to make my lips an off-limit zone for the majority of the day. I’ve tried this technique. It never lasts because either it makes my husband feel super rejected by the end of the day, or I give in and throw caution to the wind, risking looking like the Joker to make him happy. He’s just a super affectionate, sloppy kissing guy, and I love it way too much to make him stop, which is why liquid lipsticks are a no-brainer.

Good Wearability

Good wear ability is important and I mean wearability in two different definitions. First, the colors that Huda Beauty offers are attractive and look good on just about anyone and their varying skintones.  AND they offer a wide range of colors that compliment many possible makeup looks. The colors are very wearable. You would think that this is no-brainer, but honestly, anyone that is as makeup obsessed and I am, knows that this isn’t just a given. There are tons of lipstick shades that look good on very few people, so it’s something that is noteworthy when someone has figured out a way to find shades that work for the majority of people.Huda Beauty Lipsticks swatch

Second, the colors wear nicely throughout the day. This formulation’s wearability in reference to time is excellent. Huda’s formulation has longevity, but it also wears down nicely. It starts out super vibrant, but will fade nicely to the appearance of a lipstain. If you forget to reapply frequently throughout the day, you don’t have to fear looking like you have busted lips. After a few hours of wear, some liquid lipsticks can look patchy and terrible. Some formulations oxidize causing the color to change as it is exposed to air, often making the color unflattering after a few hours. Another common problem (especially in super-drying formulation) is that some colors will flake off your lips and become crumbly. Huda’s liquid lipsticks do not crumble/flake, oxidize terribly, or leave you looking patchy.


You can reapply these liquid lipsticks throughout the day to freshen your look. This isn’t the case with all liquid lipsticks. Some liquid lipsticks are impossible to work with after the first application dries down completely. The lipstick can appear cakey and may crumble off as you attempt to add another layer, or the oxidized color on your lips will not compliment the fresh layer from reapplication.  This means that you must remove the past layers and start new every time. This isn’t trivial because most liquid lipsticks are difficult to remove. It’s not as simple as wiping it away with a tissue and no one wants to scrub their lips in the public bathroom. HUDA beauty liquid lipsticks are buildable. You can add subsequent layers throughout the day without the risk of looking like a train wreck.

Not the Best Packaging

Although the packaging is aesthetically pretty, the frosted tube isn’t the best for displaying the product that is inside the tube and makes it difficult to identify colors quickly. It distorts the color and only give you a hint of what the actual color looks like. I find it super annoying that I have to open the product to determine if I grabbed the right color choice for my makeup look. It would have been nice if they at least provided one side that was completely transparent so that it would provide a window for color reference. This is my only complaint.

Parting Thoughts

Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks are fantastic. There are very few liquid lipsticks that are comfortable, long-wearing, transfer-proof, and low maintenance. These lipsticks provide the ability to look glam and be affectionate with your lover and in my opinion that’s the best anyone can hope for.


Here are my top 9 shades:Huda Beauty Swatches

Trophy Wife: Berry Mauve
Video Star: Vibrant Hot Pink
Muse: Dusty Rose
Cheerleader: Rusty Red
Venus: Tawny/ Light Brown Nude
Bombshell: Dark Salmon
Heartbreaker: Merlot Red
Gossip Girl: Soft Pink
Icon: Brick Red

Huda Beauty Lipsticks

Disclaimer: I bought all of these products with my own money. HUDA Beauty did not compensate me or provide product for this post. Everything in this post is my personal opinion. I provide truthful information to my readers at all times. Links are provided for informative purposes only. I do not receive any compensation if you purchase any of the listed products from the provided links.

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