Grow With Google Developer Challenge Scholarship

Google Scholarship Changed My Life

Over the last couple years Google has sponsored the Grow with Google Scholarship with Udacity. It’s a scholarship that offers two different tracks of learning. The first track is Front-End Web Development and the second is Android Development. I was one of the lucky recipients of the Front-End Web Development scholarships.

The First Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship

Grow With Google Developer Challenge ScholarshipThe application for the scholarship opened in November 2017 and they announced the recipients on January 10, 2018. The first portion of the scholarship was awarded to 15,000 people and I was lucky to be one of those people. They had over 100,000 people apply to the beginner front-end web developer track and they selected 15,000 people. That’s 15%. Honestly, as long as you were motivated to learn and demonstrated that eagerness in your application, they gave you this opportunity. I really don’t believe it was super selective, but this is where the challenge only begins.

The challenge scholarship was sponsored by Google, but the coursework was conducted through an online school called Udacity. They allotted the recipients 3 months to finish the course at their own pace. The Udacity scholarship team and Google then evaluated all the recipients on their progress, their graded assignments, quizes and projects, and the individual contribution to their Slack channel. They wanted students that were willing to facilitate a cooperative learning environment where people learned to work together and help one another.

Based on your progress, aptitude, and how well you did on the projects, they then selected 1,500 people to receive the full Nanodegree scholarship from Udacity. This extension of the first part of the curriculum teaches you ES6 JavaScipt technologies, React, Angular, and different techniques to produce production quality code. I was chosen to be 1 of the 1,500 people chosen across the globe to get this scholarship and I am super thrilled! Thank you GOOGLE AND UDACITY!!!

Beginner Front-End Web Development Curriculum

In the course of 3 months, Udacity taught me HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Their methods of teaching these technical computer languages were done through fun videos that use silly analogies, written materials, and quizzes to test your understanding.

The final project was to create a Pixel Art Maker. This project challenged me in so many different ways and taught me a lot about myself. I went the extra mile by creating my own graphics, sidebar navigation, and gave it a totally different experience than the original project outlines called for. I believe that it was my project that helped me stand out enough to be chosen for the full nanodegree scholarship through Udacity.

GWG Nanodegree

Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree

I just finished my Front-End Nanodegree! Thank you Udacity and Google for this wonderful opportunity and for believing in my ability. I truly enjoyed the courses and I definitely learned a ton!

The nanodegree curriculum expanded on previous curriculum of the challenge scholarship and included Angular, Ember, React, JSX, Design Principles, and how to create production-level programming projects.

It truly was an awesome experience and I’m forever grateful.

Udacity does a wonderful job in preparing their students. They even offer career services that help with your resumé, cover letter, and they host “Career Month” where they offer advice and provide resources. The courses were very informational and engaging. I would recommend their curriculum to anyone interested in learning about programming.


<3 you Google and Udacity!

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