My Dream Career As A Designer

Chase your dream career no matter how crazy they may seem! Don’t just think about your dream career from time to time, toy with the idea, or inch towards it without any conviction. You have to chase your dreams like there isn’t another option. Chase your dreams and dream career with conviction and determination, otherwise the seemingly impossible will remain impossible.

Crazy Dreams Are The BEST Dreams

Some dreams seem unattainable because they seem so abnormal, farfetched, and sometimes just outright crazy. BUT let me tell you one thing, crazy dreams are the ones that you should reach for! Most people only aim for dreams and goals that seem attainable, the ones that are not that far from reach, dreams that are safe. Why do they do this? Because most people are afraid of failure, looking like a crazy person compared to the norm, or they are just paralyzed by fear.

Think about all the super successful people you can think of. Think about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and a ton of other innovative inventors throughout history. Everyone thought they were crazy at one point in time. Their dreams were so large and ahead of their time that people couldn’t grasp that they were on the cusp of ideas that would soon change the way people would interact with and view the world forever. Their dreams impacted the world and touched people from all walks of life.

I feel that most people can become short-sighted because they hate feeling abnormal. However, I want to remind you that in order to stand out amongst the crowds, you need to be extraordinary, which means that you need to be more than ordinary and that is the definition of abnormal. Do not aim to be normal. Aim to be the most unique and successful.

Blind Faith Is The Only Type of Faith

I believe that nothing is impossible because God can do anything! I have faith that God can make the impossible happen. Faith means trusting even if you don’t have definitive proof. Essentially true faith is blind faith. So if your heart desires the wildest of dreams and you truly believe it’s your calling in life to achieve those dreams, then have faith that God will do the impossible to help you achieve it!

Notice how I don’t claim that the impossible is attainable by your efforts alone. I truly believe that God is in control and He is the one that is the keeper of your dreams.

How This Relates To My Life

Childhood Dreams That Seemed Out Of Reach

Growing up, I dreamed about being an artist and designer. I fantasized about my dream career as an artist or designer, but I never thought that in my wildest dreams that it was possible. I never thought that people would see my artistic vision and appreciate it the same way I do.

I never thought that artistic careers could provide success and money. We have all heard the phrase “starving artist.” Very few artists become successful and many struggle to make a living as an artist. This scared me into thinking that becoming an artist wouldn’t provide me with the lifestyle I wanted. I had no desire to become a starving artist.

Despite my fears of a career in art, there hasn’t been anything that has captivated me like my own creative imagination. When I retreat into my own creative realm, I am able to find inner peace and happiness. Throughout my life, this is where I retreat to when life becomes difficult. My creative mind became my coping mechanism when my life became turbulent.

I also love technology and inventing. I am full of new and innovative ideas. In 7th grade we had to create a non-working prototype of an invention in our science class. What did I create? My invention was what we would call a smart phone today! This was during a time when cellphones were the size of bricks! I wish I was old enough to know about patents! Hahaha! I’m still obsessed with technology today! I love finding new and innovative gadgets!

How My Complicated Brain Operates

Art, creation, innovative technology, and science are the topics that I am obsessed with. Most people would think that creative and analytical ways of thinking are fundamentally opposite ways of thinking. They ignore the possibility of a person being capable of BOTH logic and creativity. This comes from psychology-based hypotheses that people are right or left brain dominant. Right-brain dominant people are thought to be the creative-types that are more emotional, while left-brain dominant people are logical and analytical. I don’t know why that they don’t account for the possibility of someone being both. It is foolish to think that EVERYONE would be just one or the other.

I know that I am one of the weirdos that do not have a dominant side. I am very logical, not very emotional, but I am also artistic and creative. I know that this isn’t typical of the majority, but this is how my brain operates. Being able to switch between these two different ways of thinking can be difficult at times because you crave stimulation from both sides of your brain. I have had a difficult time trying to find a compromise between both of these worlds. It’s even more difficult to get someone to accept that an individual can be BOTH scientific and artistic. More often than not, people that have both capabilities are forced to choose to focus on just one, which leaves a portion of themselves unfulfilled.

My Scientific Career

I have tried the more pragmatic and less-risky choice of pursuing a career in science. Scientific innovations do require some creativity, but not enough to make me feel fulfilled. There was a part of me that enjoyed my career as a chemist, because it challenged me intellectually and stimulated my logical and analytical brain. The other part of me, my artistic side, left me feeling like a large part of myself wasn’t being acknowledged. I loved the journey that my scientific career provided me, but I am excited to try something new after 10 years.

dream career designerMy Dream Career Transition

Transitioning into a new career field isn’t an easy thing to accomplish after you have devoted so must time and education to become specialized in a specific career choice. I have spent numerous years in school and and even more years working as a Scientist and Materials Engineer. It’s particularly hard to convince other people to see you as something other than a Scientist/Engineer when that’s how you have defined yourself for most of your adult life. I imagine this applies to anyone that has spent a significant amount of time in any career field.

Learning to Crawl Before You Can Walk & Walk Before You Run

The first step I took was to teach myself the necessary skills to make the jump. You have to start somewhere and that begins by filling your gap of knowledge. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run, which means there is a progression in learning. You truly can teach yourself anything if you are determined to make a change in your life.

I then started to transition the way I viewed and defined myself. You have to convince yourself that you are ready for this change and you need to envision yourself in this new role before you can convince others that you are qualified for the positions you desire. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

My next steps involved networking and having faith that God would provide and do the rest. I truly believe that you do everything in your power to prepare yourself and then leave the rest to God.

Becoming A Designer

Recently, my career has taken an unexpected turn. This is a change that incorporates all of my interests. I have been offered a job as a UX/UI Designer! I will design the user experience and interface of new innovative software! God put all the right people and connections together to make this possible! I know that God made this possible because making such a drastic change in careers is EXTREMELY difficult. What makes this even more amazing is that I was offered a salary that is larger than I ever dreamed. It is a salary that is larger than what I would have received even if I had decided to finish my PhD!

Parting Thoughts

I am in awe of God and how he has provided for me for my entire life. Despite all the difficult times I have experienced, God has made my journey exciting. I am extremely grateful that He has provided me with AMAZING opportunities that I never dreamed possible.

I am a person of faith and I live my life by walking by faith. I leave my entire life up to God. It’s not the easiest path and it’s very difficult to have faith when life becomes difficult. Having determination to cling to my faith even when things appeared bleak has helped me triumph over any obstacle that I have faced. I will tell you that it has made my life an adventure and God not only provides, but He delivers more than you can ever imagine… if you allow him to take control. Giving up control is essential.

I do my best and prepare myself the best I can, but I do not take credit for any amazing opportunity or accomplishment that I have experienced in life. I give God all the credit. I am blessed!

It wasn’t my intention to make this post about my beliefs, but it’s impossible to tell this story without mentioning the biggest influencer of these decisions and how I was enabled to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Thank you for being a part of my story! Thank you for supporting my blog! Please take a look at my other posts on my blog. I want to hear from you! What amazing journeys have you experienced? Do you ever feel like you made the wrong choice in career? Comment below!


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