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Seville, Spain is Charming & Rich with Culture


Seville (or Sevilla depending on who you ask) is one of my favorite places in Spain. It’s truly a magical place. It’s the perfect mix of old and new. Seville’s city is full of amazing food, breathtaking architecture, and rich history. You could wander around for hours and you would be continuously amazed by what you would find. In Seville, there is never a dull moment, but it helps to know where to wander to.


Seville Spain


1. Alcázar of Seville

Alcázar of Seville, or Reales Alcázares de Sevilla, is one of the top destinations in Seville. It is an old Moorish palace that was constructed in the 14th century. It features amazing geometric tile work from the 16th century. I am truly in love with the traditional Moorish sacred geometric patterns that are found throughout the palace. This intricate palace features Muslim influenced Mudéjar architecture and is a must-see destination.




I would give yourself multiple hours to wander through the palace, the beautiful courtyards, and exquisite gardens. Every nook and cranny is dripping in moorish detail. The beauty is in the details and around every corner. There are tons of benches and alcoves to sit and rest your feet as you take in your surroundings.

I would recommend getting your tickets ahead of time because the lines can get pretty long. My husband stood in a long line while I hid in the shade because it was so hot. There is very little relief from the scorching sun while waiting in line. Learn from our mistake and get your tickets ahead of time.


2. Plaza de España

We found this plaza by accident while wandering around and I am so glad that we came across it. This famous square was built for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. The neo-mudéjar architecture features beautiful ceramic tiled rails and benches, a semi-circular brick building that encloses the plaza, and beautiful arched bridges that reach across the small canal that flows through the perimeter.Plaza de España ceramic tile

Intricate detail on all the tile surrounding me was captivating and was truly romantic to stroll around the plaza with my husband at sunset.

It’s gorgeous and totally worth stopping by. Give yourself at least an hour to take in all the scenery. During some parts of the day, you can rent a gondola boat or row boat to ride through the canal. It was closed when we arrived, so I can’t give you many details about what it would be like to rent one. I personally didn’t feel like the canal was large enough to make it worthwhile, but I might be wrong.


plaza de españa collage



3. Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral was magnificent. This cathedral is the largest cathedral in the world and is the final resting place of Christopher Columbus himself. Love him or hate him, he is a notable explorer of his time and the Spanish people are very proud of him and his accomplishments. His coffin is hoisted in the air by large statues in the middle of the cathedral interior. The gothic architecture is typical for its time period, but the cathedral is massive.



There are many small rooms that adjoin the main sanctuary that hold many gilded artifacts. Although there are several types of guided tours available, but I’m typically the type that likes to wander through on my own. There are many spires and certain paid tour packages that allow you to walk among them.

The main tower (Giralda Bell Tower) is worth the climb. It’s a long way up the spiral staircase to the bell tower. The views on the way up are worth the hike. It affords many views of the cathedral itself and an expansive view of the sprawling city. I really enjoyed our visit and this is one of the most impressive cathedrals that I have been to.



4. Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol is one of the most unique architectural features I have ever seen. They remind me of umbrellas or mushrooms that are composed of a grid. You can pay to go to the top to take in the views and have a drink/snack. There is a unique walkway that lets you walk across the structures while you take in the panoramic views of the city.


Metropol Parasol


5.Enjoy all the yummy food!

Seville is known for all of their amazing tapas and there are tapas restaurants all around you. And don’t forget all the gelato! I loved all the different food choices. Just be careful about all that salt from the cured ham. I definitely had more than I should have and was super bloated for most of my trip. haha


yummy food


I hope you love Seville, Spain as much I do!

‘Till Next Time! XOXO,
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Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is an aquarium that is unique in comparison to other aquariums that I have visited. The Monterey Bay Aquarium  is a world-renown aquarium that is known for it’s research and conservation efforts. They are also recognized for their live kelp forrest, impressive displays of jellyfish, and they they were one of the first aquariums to display a great white shark for more than 16 days.

Why I Love Aquariums

I am always in awe of the diversity in our oceans. Humans are so caught up about space and aliens, but we should take a closer look at our waters! There are so many sea creatures that look as bizarre as the aliens that we picture in our imaginations. This is why I love visiting aquariums. It allows you to travel to a different world.

Whenever I walk into an aquarium, it feels as though I landed on a different planet where I am surrounded by bizarre alien creatures. I walk along the the paths of the varying exhibits and examine all the amazing biodiversity with curiosity and in awe. There are so many bizarre look fish, crustaceans, and coral and every time I feel like I discover something new. Something that I haven’t seen or heard of before.

Very Unique Architecture

The architecture of this building is very unique because it allows you to enjoy the diverse and creative exhibits inside, but it also encourages its visitors to explore and analyze the ocean outside. It has a very impressive and expansive deck that overlooks Monterey Bay. They encourage their visitors to  observe the natural habitat of the animals that are on display inside. There is a good amount of seating and it’s a nice place to take in your surroundings if the weather is pleasant. It’s nice the hear the crashing waves and look across the vast waters.

Representing Local Marine Life

I really appreciated the sense of pride this aquarium has for its local wildlife. A large part of their aquarium represents their local habitat of the Monterey Bay area. I feel like most aquariums focus on the colorful tropical fish that you tend to think of when you imagine salt water fish.

They even display a live kelp forrest that they sustain by mimicking the necessary motion of waves. They have several large tanks with seating areas with accompanying serene music where you can sit, relax, and take in the ever-changing oceanic display of the impressive large tank. I love that they provide a place to sit and stay awhile to immerse yourself. The majority of us have imagined what it would be like to be a mermaid, so this allows you to search for your inner child and let your imagination run wild.

Jellyfish Exhibit

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has the most impressive display of jellyfish that I have ever experienced. I love jellyfish. They are one of the most bizarre and captivating creatures of the ocean. It’s mesmerizing to watch them float, swim, and drift. Their translucent bodies remind you of how unique and peculiar our oceans are.  They had a ton of different types of jellyfish and there were quite a few that I have not seen before. I really enjoyed this portion of the aquarium. People are so fascinated with space and the possibility of alien life, but we forget that the oceans are like traveling to a different world. Jellyfish remind me of weird alien creatures. I seriously could have stayed in this exhibit for hours. After doing some research about the aquarium after our visit, I learned that this aquarium is renown for jellyfish husbandry. This means that they are specialists in breeding jellyfish. I found this fact a bit peculiar. How do you encourage jellyfish to get it on? Bow chick bow wow haha.

Research & Conservation

The Monterey Bay Aquarium spends a lot of resources to not only display awesome creatures of our deep seas, but to also in research on marine life. They are trying to better understand how these animals behave, their natural habitats, and ways to preserve their way of life. They are hyper concerned with conserving the vast diversity of life that our waters contain.

I found that this aquarium was super concerned with educating their visitors with ways that they can take part in ocean conservation. If we all do our part, we can keep our oceans beautiful and full of unique lives. They inform visitors about the concerns of over-fishing certain species of fish. In order for us to do our parts to prevent the fallout of disappearing marine life ,we need to make responsible choices in seafood that we choose to consume.

They were the first to display a great white shark in captivity for an extended period of time. Unfortunately they no longer have any in captivity because the great white sharks were failing to thrive in captivity and would die. They stopped attempting to make this work in 2015.

colorful ocean

Visitor Information

Monterey Bay Aquarium Melibe Sea Slug

The general hours are from 10 AM – 5 PM, but may change due to special events. Here is a link to their official webpage so you can verify their hours before you plan your visit.

Their address is :
886 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA 93940

Their tickets are a bit pricey, so I recommend you try to spend a good amount of time there to make your visit worth the hefty price. The prices are as follows:

  • Adults: $49.95
  • Children (3-12): $29.95
  • Students & Seniors (65+): $39.95
  • Military Discount is $7 off

Parting Thoughts

I hope this information was helpful. Do you have a favorite aquarium? What is your favorite animal in the ocean? I hope my articles are both informative and encourages people to explore. Thank you for being a part of my blog. Message/ Comment below. Be sure to check out my blog!


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Visit London England

Top Places to Visit in London for First-Timers

London is an action-packed city that is full of culture, a wide range of delicious food, and offers a ton of activities. There are so many things to see and London offers a diverse range of experiences that will satisfy any type of traveler. It’s extremely difficult to pack everything into one trip and maybe that’s what draws people to travel there. You could make several trips there and have a different experience every time.

I am going to list all the must-see attractions for the first-time visitors. These are the destinations that you definitely do not want to miss while you are visiting this action packed city!

Must-See Attractions for First-Time Visitors

Buckingham Palace & Changing of the Guard

buckingham palace

First and foremost, it’s important that you go to Buckingham Palace and watch the changing of the guard. It’s definitely cooler to see them actually move and do their formations rather than seeing them pretend to be statues while wearing their funny hats. The New Guard exchange starts at about 10:45 am with the actual exchange occuring at 11:00 am. The ceremony lasts about 45 minutes and is accompanied with music. It is quite the spectacle and occurs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday if weather is permitting and there aren’t any conflicting large events. The even it free and is a very popular attraction. Be sure to check the schedule and arrive early to ensure that you get a good spot.

The palace does offer tours of some of the famous state rooms during the Summer months (21 Jul 2018 – Sunday, 30 Sep 2018). Tickets can be purchased from the Royal Collection Trust and the prices are as follows:

  • Adult  £24.00
  • Over 60/ Student (with valid ID)  £22.00
  • Under 17/ Disabled  £13.5
  • Under 5  Free
  • Family  £61.50 (2 adults and 2 under 17s)

The London Eye

If you are a sucker for amazing views and would love to get a spectacular view of the iconic city of London, then a visit to the London Eye is site that you won’t want to miss. This is the famous ferris wheel that you see in the cityscape photographs of London.

london eye city

london eye

The capsules offer panoramic views of the city and one revolution takes about 30 minutes. I suggest buying your tickets ahead of time from their official website to arrive prepared. Lines can be long during the height of their tourist season and they do offer Fast Track tickets that allow you to wait in a shorter line, but these tickets do cost more. They do offer tons of packages, therefore I will not list them here, but here is a link to find more information about the options. General admission tickets start at £22.95 if you book online. Average savings are about 15% if you buy your tickets in advance.

Tower Bridge

I always thought this bridge was called London Bridge like the song from my childhood. “London bridge is falling down, falling down…” You know which song I’m talking about. So I kept searching for London Bridge like a dummy, only to find out that I was looking for Tower Bridge. Silly me. The song tell you what happened to London Bridge! It fell down! haha! The famous and iconic bridge you should visit when you are in London is called Tower Bridge.

tower bridge londonTower Bridge is an amazing engineering feat. It is a combined bascule and suspension bridge that crosses the River Thames and was built in 1886. The upper level allows you to cross a glass walkway, which offers a unique view of the busy bridge below. There is a tour available, but I myself have not experienced the walkway nor the tour. I’ll link the official website for reference just in case you want to take a visit.

I do feel that you should at least see the bridge while you are in London because it is a symbol that represents the city. It’s crazy to see bascules/leaves open to allow river traffic to pass. The leaves raise to an 86 degree angle.

Tower of London

If you are as obsessed as I am about jewelry, then you MUST SEE the Crown Jewels that are displayed at the Tower of London! To me, it seems like like the biggest perk of being a Royal! So much sparkle! The Tower of London is known as London’s Castle. It is a secure fortress, a royal palace, and was an infamous prison. It makes sense that they would store and display their working collection of jewels in a secure fortress. The British Crown Jewels have been stored here for safe keeping since 1661.

Although the jewels are enough to make me want to revisit London, the Tower of London also offers an impressive collection of armor that has been worn throughout the history of Great Britain. So there is definitely something to see for the guys too! *wink*

The Tower of London an important piece of British history because it has served as an armory, a treasury, a menagerie, the home of the Royal Mint, a public record office, and even stores the treasures of monarchy. It has also been used a prison for figures that have fallen into disgrace. The most famous prisoners include Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh. There is a fantastic view of red poppies during the spring and summer.

Here is a link to the page where you can purchase tickets in advance, find their hours of operation, and location. Planning ahead is always advised when planning your London itinerary.

Ticket Prices:

Buying your tickets ahead of time online is always cheaper!

  • Adult: £22.70
  • Child: £10.75

 Trafalgar Square

trafalgar square london

This area of London commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar that took place during the Napoleonic Wars with France and Spain in 1805. It is a public Square in the heart of London that is used for community and political gatherings and events. It is full of statues, monuments, and fountains. Trafalgar Square has been a significant landmark since the 13th century. Trafalgar Square hosts cultural events and performances throughout the year, so you never know what you’ll find when you wander through. The unique architecture, stone lions, and other statues keep you company as you take in your busy surroundings. It’s a unique area that you can enjoy while watching the hustle and bustle of the surrounding busy streets and sea of people.

Parliament Square

Loved the architecture of the historical buildings that surround this square. Parliament Square is an open green space that has trees to its west and is surrounded by many important iconic buildings. It is overlooked by Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Supreme Court, and Whitehall. The gothic style architecture takes you back in time.  The court itself has several statues that commemorates individuals that have made a large impacts on society such as: Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, and other notable figureheads.  The famous Big Ben clock tower is attached to Parliament and so you definitely need to stop by and see that as well. This is one of London’s main tourist attractions and for very good reasons because there is so much to see. I would devote a significant amount of time to tour this area as there is so much to see.

Places to Shop

Covent Garden

An open air market that has a ton of cafes, boutiques, and venders of produce. It’s open on either end to the elements outside, but it is covered with a glass roof. It’s a pretty unique structure and is a good place to grab a quick lunch, dessert, or shop the cute boutiques. Here is a link to their official website so you can see the shops and stores that they offer to determine if you want to go visit.

Borough Market

I haven’t experienced this market firsthand, but I hear that it’s an excellent place to visit. I plan to take a peek then next time I visit London. This is a market that has a bunch of vendors of fruits, meats, fish, bakeries, and boutiques under one roof. A lot of the artisan vendors offer samples, therefore it’s a fun place to sample new items and shop. It does have an open air feel similar to Convent Garden. Here is the official website so that you can find the specific vendors and shops to see if you want to pay this place a visit.

Oxford Street

This is where you can do your shopping of all the popular brands you love. This is a large shopping district in London. There are lots of shops along long stretches of streets where you can find brands that are popular in both the UK and the world. This is where you can also find the more exclusive British brands for clothes, makeup, and accessories.

Where I Stayed During My Visit

I stayed in the W hotel in London. It’s a very posh and modern hotel with very unique design. The hotel room is one of the most unique hotel rooms that I have ever stayed in. It was one large open concept room. I’ll admit that it was a pricey hotel choice, but it did provide a unique experience that I will never forget. One of the strangest things were that the toilet and shower were little closets in the large open room (mirrored closets on the left-hand side when looking at the bed in the bottom right picture). Hotels in London can be quite small due to the high cost of real estate in this city, therefore the amount of space in the rooms provided in these rooms were quite generous in size. The location of this hotel was very centrally located and had a unique lounge on the top floor. whotellondon whotelroom whotelroomlondon



London Theater

Just like the plethora of shows that are present on Broadway and Off-Broadway, there is a huge variety of big name plays, musicals, and live entertainment events that are shown in theaters across London. I saw Chicago and Jersey Boys during my first visit to London and it was AWESOME! Of course it depends on whether this is something you typically enjoy in the first place, but if you like live entertainment as much as I do, you should definitely take advantage of all the live entertainment options in this city. I would definitely book in advance because I really wanted to see Phantom of the Opera while I was there, but it was completely sold out! If there is something specific you want to see, it’s your best bet to book the seats in advance to ensure your ability to enjoy that experience. Here is the link to all the current showings of the latest musicals and plays.

Best Ways to Get Around in London

london metroLondon does have a very large and well-connected Subway/Metro system. So it’s a convenient source of transportation. There will be convenient metro stops at most of the tourist attractions.

Another unique and fun way to get around the cite while still being able to stop at top tourist destinations is to pay for a tour pass on one of the many double decker bus tours. Not is it a cool way to take in the city sites from the top level of a double-decker bus, but you get to experience a double decker bus! It’s so different that the buses we normally encounter in America! These bus tours take you through London and a tour guide tells you about various facts about the various parts of the city you drive through, which is a nice way to get extra expert information about the local areas, but they have many stops throughout the city where you can get on and off the bus as you please. This way tourists can go visit the various attractions and rejoin the bus tours. The buses are always on a continuous cyclical route, so you never have to wait very long before the next bus arrives.

Parting Thoughts

This is a pretty detailed list of all the hot spots in London for first-time visitors. If you are planning an extended visit, you will be able to add to your itinerary beyond these suggestions, but I thought it was important the provide a thorough list with all relevant information about the places you absolutely can not miss. I plan to mention options that a little off the beaten path in later posts, therefore you should continue to check out my blog for future tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Thank you for supporting me and my blog. I hope you find this information helpful. Is there anything you would add to this must-see list? Was this information helpful? Comment below to let me know. I love hearing from you. I am here for you guys, so I want to provide content you care about.

All links in this post are provided for informative reasons only. I do not receive any compensation for these recommendations. Let me know if you want any additional information!

Until next time!


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Sagrada Familia

The Incredible Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia

The Incredible Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia is on many people’s lists as a must-see for a very good reason. Sagrada Familia has very unique and intricate architecture and will knock your socks off. This unique basilica began construction in 1882 and is still undergoing construction today. The famous local architect, Antoni Gaudi, is the primary designer of Sagrada Familia’s unique architecture. Although Sagrada Familia isn’t finished, it’s still worth your effort to plan a visit to marvel at this amazing basilica. This location is a very high-traffic destination for tourists, therefore it is crucial to plan ahead to ensure a smooth travel itinerary.

Sagrada Familia Outside

History of the Construction & Antoni Gaudi

Sagrada Familia began construction in 1882 under architect Francisco Paula de Villar, who resigned only one year later. Antoni Gaudi, a local architect from the Catalan region, took over as principle architect soon thereafter. Gaudi spent the majority of his life working on this amazing basilica, which became his passion project. His design combines both Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau forms. Gaudi passed away in 1926, leaving behind a Sagrada Familia that was only 15-25% finished. The construction continued on until it was interrupted in 1936 by the Spanish Civil War. Many of the original plans and models were destroyed by the Catalan Anarchists during that time.

Once the project restarted, the residents of Barcelona demanded that the original Gaudi vision and designs were prioritized as the project continued, therefore subsequent architects have made an effort to remain faithful to the original designs while including modern adaptations. A large effort was made to recreate the historic plans from the surviving remnants of Gaudi’s plans that were found after the war. With a long list of architects and artists that have contributed to the creation of this magnificent church, Sagrada Familia is truly a collaboration of many amazing & creative artists.

Sagrada Familia Inside Ceiling

Art in Every Nook and Cranny

The outside of this enormous church is covered in intricately designed sculptures that decorate the fantastical façades. These sculptures reflect a more modern perspective and were created by J. Busquets, Etsuro Sotoo, and the controversial Josep Maria Subirachs. These sculptures can be found EVERYWHERE throughout the church. It is important to allow yourself enough time to adequately appreciate all the details. Be sure to look at all the doors, walls, ceiling, and floors. There isn’t a dull surface in the entire structure. The fact that it still remains unfinished after 136 years doesn’t seem unreasonable after you relish in all the details that it has to offer.

 Although modern technology has enabled quicker planning, design renderings, and computations, progress is quite slow due to funding. Sagrada Familia doesn’t receive any funding from the government or any official church resources. Funding for this project is completely private and comes from ticket sales and donations, which is the leading cause for its slow progress. It is anticipated that the building will be completed by 2026—the centenary of Gaudí’s death. Someday, I hope to return after its completion to experience the finished product.

Sagrada Familia Outside Collage

Plan a Stress-free Visit to Sagrada Familia

This location is a busy tourist attraction. People come from far and wide to marvel at this historic building for its unique architecture and art. Due to the high foot traffic, it’s crucial to plan ahead. There are lots of people, long lines, and limited space, which is why I would encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance to cut down on the waiting time. You should purchase your ticket from the official website directly as soon as you plan your Barcelona itinerary.

Important & Helpful Information:

Purchase your ticket online at the official website at least 24 hours before your planned visit.

  • Here is a link to where you can buy your tickets.
  • Ticket prices range from 15-29 Euros, depending on what package you decide on.
    • General admission only includes the main areas of the church.
    • You will need to purchase an upgraded ticket to go into the spires.
    • They offer 2 types of guided tours:
      • Audio-guided tour
        • About 45 minutes long
      • Guide attended tour
        • About 50 minutes long

Sagrada Familia NaveArrive early in the day to avoid large crowds.

  • More people means it will be more difficult to avoid photobombers in your photographs.
  • Here is a link to the hours of operation. Keep in mind that the hours vary depending on the time of year.
  • Sale of tickets finishes 30 minutes before closing time.
  • Special event accommodations can change their normal hours of operation. Make sure to plan ahead and confirm that they are operating on normal business hours before arriving.

Allow yourself about 2-3 hours for the visit.

  • The tours last close to an hour, but you want to account for time wandering around on your own to take pictures and take in all the small details. This will also help account for any waiting time for the lines and bathroom breaks.

Know the Rules! Make sure you are allowed inside.

  • Here is a list of the most important rules to make note of, but here is a link to a list of their posted rules.
  • It’s important to remember that this is a religious place of worship and therefore it’s important to be as respectful as possible.
  • No tripods or professional photography equipment is allowed without prior consent from their press department.
  • They will check your bags during their security screening process, so try to avoid packing items that could raise red flags.
  • Keep your ticket on you at all times as any of the staff can ask to see it at  anytimeSagrada Familia Model
  • No food or drink is allowed inside the building
  • There are no photos allowed in any of their services
  • No hats are allowed inside the nave or the museum except for religious, health or belief-related reasons.
  • As it is a Catholic church, visitors must dress appropriately, following these restrictions:
    • Shoes are mandatory
    • No see-through clothing
    • Tops must cover the shoulders
    • No plunging necklines or exposed backs or bellies
    • Shorts and skirts must come down to at least mid-thigh

Unused tickets are refundable

  • As long as you purchased the ticket directly from the authorized dealer or Sagrada Familia, you are protected by their refund policy.
  • You have up to 30 days to request a refund on unused tickets via email (found on their website). This will protect you from any unforeseen schedule conflicts.

Overall Experience & Recommendations

We really enjoyed our visit at Sagrada Familia! I would recommend this activity to anyone traveling to Barcelona. It’s an experience that stands out from our other visits to other cathedrals and churches in Europe. You will never see anything quite like it and it truly lives up to the hype.

My Clothing Choice

I wore a sleeveless shirt during our visit, but brought a shawl to cover my shoulders just in case. My bare shoulders didn’t seem to offend anyone. They didn’t seem too strict in comparison to some other cathedrals we have visited… BUT it’s important that you know that they could prevent you from entering if you are showing too much skin. What can I say… I’m a rule breaker at times, but I’m always prepared to comply if necessary. I get it, the warm weather can make it uncomfortable to dress like a nun, so the key is to always be prepared. Bring a light shawl or sweater to avoid any mishaps with entry or sudden weather changes. There is no point in jeopardizing your fun adventure just to break a few rules.

Ticket Choice

We were not able to visit the spires because we were running on a tight schedule that day and I really feel like we missed out on some incredible views from above. I totally recommend you do the upgrade for the spires, so please learn from our mistake, BUT a general admission ticket is still worth it if you are on a budget or if you don’t have a ton of time.

Check Out the Basement

The main level has a ton to explore, but be sure to check out the lower levels of the church. This is where you will find all the juicy details about the history of the church, its creator, and the designs/inspirations. If you enjoy museums and learning, then you will enjoy the curated exhibits found in this area.

Transportation Choice

We took the metro to the Sagrada Familia station to get there and I think it’s the best way to get there. The metro is quite convenient and the stop is close to the basilica. Sagrada Familia is located in the heart of Barcelona where it is very busy and difficult to find parking, therefore it’s best to avoid driving there if possible.

Parting Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate my readers and their support! I do my best to provide useful and informative content and I didn’t receive any kick-backs for this article. Hopefully sharing my fun adventure with you was informative and helps some of you plan your own adventure to visit this awesome place. I hope you choose to return to my blog and read about some other fun topics. I’d love for us to connect, so please feel free to contact me, comment below, and please subscribe to get the latest updates from yours truly.

Was this article helpful to you? Have you been to Sagrada Familia? What were your favorite parts?

I love sharing my adventures with you! Until next time!