Colorado Has My Heart

Colorado Has My Heart

Colorado has my heart and it always will. It is the place that I think of when I say “home.” Lately my art has really been inspired by my love for Colorado. I have lived all over the world and it still is the place that I want to be. I especially miss Colorado in the winter because snowboarding is a passion of mine. The mountains are my home and living in Maryland has renewed my love for my home. My recent pieces definitely reflect how much I miss having an awesome view as I shred the gnar. I drew this last night and wanted to share it with you, my awesome readers.


My Colorado Inspired Art

Colorado gogglesThe piece above is a self-portrait. I have never finished a self-portrait because I find it is difficult to make an accurate portrayal of myself due to my self-critical nature. Vector art is a bit more forgiving when it comes to details. It was a lot easier to not get caught up on all the small details that I tend to agonize over. The title is “Hannah the Colorado Girl” because I feel like I accurately embody what a true Colorado native is. A fun girl that is obsessed with spending her time in the mountains and enjoying God’s creation. The snowboard has the logos of my favorite resorts and I wear that color combination when I ride (it used to be teal and pink).

I have created a few other pieces this week too, which are based on the same Colorado theme. These pieces can be found below and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.


Rider Getting AirInspiration

I find it fascinating that when you look at an artist’s pieces, you can see a glimpse into their heart and mind. Their inspiration tells a story about what their heart is feeling and lately my inspiration has been fixated on what I miss most, Colorado… HOME. All of these graphics were done this week and when I look at them I reflect on what I miss most in my life. Colorado, mountains, close friends, snowboarding, familiarity, and being outside.

This week has shown me how much snowboarding has impacted my life. There is nothing like getting lost in the trees in the backcountry, stopping to take a break, and watching the snow fall around you. The peacefulness of just taking it all in and being thankful for being alive to experience it. It’s moments like these that make me the most thankful about life.

Do you have a happy place? Is there somewhere you go to either physically or mentally when times are rough? What does that place look like? What are you doing? Share in the comments below.

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wisdom listens

Knowledge Speaks, but Wisdom Listens

wisdom listens


Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. This quote by Jim Hendrix really speaks to me because I feel like everyone has so much to say these days, but very few people are good listeners. Everyone wants to speak about their knowledge and just how much of it they have. I find it so self-serving to always talk, but to never listen to others around you. People are just waiting for their next opportunity to say something without taking in what the other person is telling them. Public service announcement… not everything is about you.

Pause & Absorb Your Surroundings

Take a beat and absorb the world around you. Listen to a new and different perspective. Absorb more knowledge by listening to the great minds that surround you. Realize that there are other ideas that are just as effective as your own. Reach the understanding that the ability to utilize group knowledge will empower you to do amazing things.

Diversity of Ideas & Perspectives

I think it’s important to encourage a diversity of ideas, but first that requires acknowledging the value of people with varying experiences. These varying experiences allows people to view things through different contextual lenses. Listening to other perspectives is like stepping into someone else’s shoes and seeing the world through their eyes. It enables you to empathize with their feelings and opinions.


Empathy is probably the most important ingredient to a good listener, which is why it’s important to have empathy as a designer (especially a UX designer). As a designer you need to be able to empathize with your users. Designers need to understand their pain points, struggles, and goals.  It’s how we gain insight into how to create the best solution for our users. All of the insight is gained through LISTENING.


If you listen, it’s amazing what people will tell you. Next time you get into an Uber and your driver decides to be a chatty Cathy, instead of rolling your eyes and making it awkward, I encourage you to practice your listening skills. I have some of the most interesting and unique conversations with my Uber drivers. Also, I now have the ability to turn a grumpy driver into someone that cheerfully shares his story with me and smiles while he/she does it. Talk about skills! After hearing a unique and different perspective, I leave feeling enriched and wiser. I walk away from that conversation feeling more connected to the world and the people in it.


Listening is how we connect with the world and creating these connections is how we unite as a community and start utilizing “group-thinking” in very advantageous ways that can change the world.


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Fall Is In the Air


Fall is in the air! I drew this today because I was inspired by the fact fall is here. Isn’t it beautiful? I have made a point to focus on my art more lately and I am pleased with the results. I love this piece and I feel that timing is perfect.

Feeling the crisp air on my skin feels so wonderful. I love sweater weather and the fact that it is finally here means that the scorching heat has finally faded away. Living in Washington DC isn’t my dream location, but it’s quite nice during the fall. The humidity has subsided finally and it’s actually enjoyable to be outside. Halloween is just around the corner. What are you do doing to celebrate the change of season? What is your Halloween costume this year? Comment below!


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